AscendOS Base Change

Over the past week, we’ve been contemplating some things. AscendOS is a great OS, and right now, Mint is the base. Unfortunately, this may come at a cost: security. Mint is not known as the most secure OS on the planet. With that in mind, we decided to take things back a step, and redo AscendOS. Will you notice? most likely not. We decided to base Ascend on Ubuntu. Just as stable, but more secure. With that, we don’t have to concern ourselves as much with security, considering we are basing Ascend on Ubuntu 14.04, and will upgrade it to 16.04 LTS, to give us a solid base through 2020. We already have it running, stable, and migrated all of our packages from AscendOS Mint. ¬†We will release a Beta in about a week, after we are fully confident in our internal alpha testing.

Second, we are adding a Bug reporter to the OS itself for the beta. This will help us narrow down everything, and create the perfect release.

We’re still growing, and if you’d like to join the AscendOS team, we’d be happy to have you. Just contact me here!


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AscendOS Base Change

2 thoughts on “AscendOS Base Change

  • February 25, 2016 at 6:01 pm

    Why do you say “Mint is not known as the most secure OS on the planet”? Is it because of the recent hack where the Mint iso was replaced with a hacked version? I agree that was bad.
    I did not think there was a lot of difference between Mint and Ubuntu otherwise. Would a pure Debian base be more secure than Ubuntu?

    • February 25, 2016 at 6:21 pm

      There has always been a degree of uncertainty with Mints security updates ( Honestly, I was toying with the idea of an Ubuntu base long before the ISO hack, so that wasn’t a direct contributor. A worry of mine, however, is that a hacker gain access to update repository owned by LM, and push “updates” out to Ascend. Not only is one Distro doomed, but you’ve taken ~15-20% of the market with you. They’ve already shown the vulnerabilities in their servers.

      I toyed with Debian, but in the end I decided that an Ubuntu base would be more user friendly, mostly due to the driver support.


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