Beta 3

Hey guys! New update. AscendOS Beta 3, with an Ubuntu Base, is a couple of days away! We’ve worked up from the Ubuntu base, and have added everything from the old AscendOS Mint base. It’s working even faster than before. There are four things new to this release that you’ll notice right off the bat:

  1. AscendOS Update- this is to update AscendOS files, NOT Software. Working on setting up a deb repository, but this is a temporary solution for now.
  2. AscendOS About- Gives information about the current build.
  3. AscendOS Market- Yep. We’re doing an App Market. More on that soon. If you know a thing or two about running an online store, please let me know.
  4. Tomahawk Music Player- Was actually going to be in AscendOS from the start, but lack of UI made me back off that decision. Since September, however, the design got an awesome face lift that fits right into the AscendOS style. It also has Soundcloud and Spotify integration. A true all in one music player, and we’re proud to include it in AscendOS.
  5. Base: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. May upgrade to 16.04 for added longevity. We’ll see.
  6. Kernel: 3.19. Adds compatibility and stability.

So, yep. This is Beta 3. AscendOS is gonna be awesome.



Beta 3

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