AscendOS Release Candidate

Hey guys. Beta 3 was met with great reception. So, we aren’t wasting any time. We are going forward with AscendOS Release Candidate 1. Minor changes, kernel updates, and we fixed Chromes updating issue. With that, we are also announcing that due to future compatibility issues, we are going to release AscendOS 1.0 Final on the Ubuntu 16.04 base. This gives us solid security updates until 2020. With that, we can introduce three new programs into the mix:

  1. The GNOME Software Center- a universal app platform. Thousands of apps, right at your fingertips.
  2. Maps- Navigate the world with GNOME Maps.
  3. Calendar- plan your day.

AscendOS is the future of desktop Linux. We hope you’ll join us in making this movement happen.

AscendOS Release Candidate

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